Draw Lines


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Easy to play and adorable, Draw Lines is one of the most addictive dots games! Draw lines from dot to dot of the same color to complete levels. Make your lines flow and be careful – do not overlap or cross them! Instantly engage yourself by finding ways to connect the dots in a grid. Cover the entire board and match the dots of the same color to complete level by level of the Draw Line game. Use your free time and those boring moments like waiting for the bus or train and play this addictive draw line game! Become the fastest player of all! Watch out – the clock is ticking! Show your speed and logic! The faster you are, the better the results! Download this simple draw line game and share your enthusiasm for connecting the dots!


🎮 624 levels in this draw line game
🎮 7 different sizes of boards
🎮 Free hints if stuck on some level in dots game
🎮 Faster players receive more reward stars
🎮 Funny Sound Effects
🎮 Simple design and colorful graphics
🎮 No in-app purchase
🎮 Share draw line game with friends on social networks

Play Draw Line game and easily become a master of connecting the dots. Draw the line from dot to dot to connect the same colors in this new dots game. Have fun while the clock is ticking and make this dot to dot game more daring by speeding it up to receive more reward stars! Draw Lines is the best way to make the boredom disappear and develop problem-solving skills and enhance creativity and coordination. It is a simple and challenging connect the dots game. Play draw lines game and discover why people all around the world are so addicted to simple games. Have fun with this dots game!

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

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Easy Voice Recorder is a free sound recording app for Android owners who need a quick and simple way to manage voice memos. This free Android audio recording app is very user-friendly – it has a single button to start and finish recording your voice memos in high-quality, automatically stores and gives you easy access to them and gives you options to name and share your files via e-mail, social networks, Dropbox, etc. You never know when you’ll need a sound recorder app (and eventually, you will), so get Easy Voice Recorder now!

Free Android audio recording apps can be real time savers to many types of people who need to pay attention to details: business people, audio professionals, sound engineers, DJs, lawyers, journalists, students, song writers, interviewers, lecturers and many others!

– Simple way to record what you want
- Send/share voice memos via e-mail, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Viber, etc. using this Android sound recorder app
– Sound recording in background (even when display is off)
- Name your audio recordings
– High-quality sound
– Easy-to-use file list
– Delete your files directly from the app

You can use Easy Voice Recorder to record lectures or to record conversations during meetings or interviews when tiny details are important for your business. Having a free sound recorder on your Android device can make your life easier because when compared to taking notes, a simple voice recorder app saves time!

This free audio recorder app is a slick and functional sound recorder. It shines in its simplicity and polished design. Easy Voice Recorder makes it easy to record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet at any time!

NOTE: Easy Voice Recorder is not a call recording app. If you want to record lectures or record conversations with this free sound recorder for Android, make sure that you ask for permission before you record voice memos on your device.

Download Easy Voice Recorder now! Besides using it for your job or school, you can entertain yourself and people around you with it, too!

Simple File Manager


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Simple File Manager for Android™ makes organizing data and managing apps easy as it should be. This file organizer, with an app manager included, has all the features you might need: cut, copy, delete or search for data, access bookmarks, remove or backup apps and many more.

There hardly is a person who likes complicated file explorers and document managers, where you can’t figure out whether you will be returned to home page or just one step back if you click on a button. That’s why folder organizers such as Simple File Manager exist. With material design and quick access to everything, this document manager makes it easy to put files into place.


– Easy to use, open-source file organizer
– Cut, copy, delete, compress, extract and other basic features
– Work on multiple tabs simultaneously inside file manager
– Navigation drawer for quick navigation
– App Manager to open, backup or uninstall any app
– SMB (windows) file sharing
– Choose between multiple themes and colors
– Access history, bookmarks or search for a document quickly
– Root explorer for advanced users
– Document manager based on Material Design guidelines

So, download Simple File Manager for Android™, try its features and see for yourself why the best file organizers are the ones that are so easy to use. You won’t get disappointed by this file commander, that’s for sure.

Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages


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Adult coloring books are extremely popular, and with time the popularity of detailed coloring pages will just grow. Some of the most wanted anti-stress coloring pages are mandala drawings to color.
It is believed that when you create, color or look at a mandala, you are silently programming the mind to relax and take on the essence of completion. Those mystical circles, as they are loosely translated from Sanskrit, are proven to have various effects on people who use them. When you color mandalas inside relaxing coloring pages for adults, have in mind that some colors have different effects:

🎨 Yellow: heals pride and turns it into oneness, compassion and abundance
🎨 Red: turns fear into confidence, freedom and power
🎨 Green: heals jealousy and turns it into love and understanding
🎨 Blue: heals anger and turns it into self-reflection, self-expression and intuitive perception

The use of Magic Mandalas: Coloring Book for adults varies. Pick a coloring page that suits you best and give it a shot. You will be surprised to see how helpful this mandala coloring book can indeed be.


★ 30 detailed coloring pages for adults with different mandala patterns
★ High quality zoom in for detailed coloring
★ 22 color palettes
★ My palette – create your own palette of colors
★ Various shades and color nuances
★ Variety of filters and textures to apply to your completed mandala colouring page
★ Soothing background music on/off
★ My works: save your art in a private gallery
★ Share your art on social networks


Even though creating your own mandala is a true healing experience, not many of us are up to that challenge. That’s why there are many relaxing mandala coloring books. Anti-stress coloring sheets for adults in general are known for their soothing power, but mandala drawings to color are as relaxing as detailed coloring pages can get. So, pick up any of those relaxing coloring books for adults with mandala patterns, get your pens out and dive into your own zen. Even Jung prescribed coloring mandala pictures to ease the mind, concentrate and relax. And Jung was a person of trust. So, download Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages, this delightful anti-stress coloring book for adults, and connect with your peaceful inner self.

Math Challenge

Math Challenge

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Test your math skills now! Accept the ultimate Math Challenge and solve as many math problems as you can before the time runs out! Fast math games like this one uncover who the quickest thinker in the room is, so hurry up to find out who is the best math problem solver among your family and friends! It feels good to dust off your brain every now and then – download the game now.
With Math Challenge, you can practice math for fun. Fast math games are brain teasers that test your focus, quickness and math skills. When you solve 5 equations, you advance to a higher level. With each level, you have less time to solve the math problem, which means that you have to think and react faster. Each time you make a mistake, you lose a chunk of time on your clock. Make sure you have your numbers straight, because Math Challenge is all about skills and quickness!


– Endless number of levels
– Math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
– Math equations with one variable
– Fast pace (demands quick thinking)
– Easy to play
– Global high-score list – check how your math skills rank in the world

Math Challenge helps you to practice your math operations and solve math equations in a competitive atmosphere. Solving math problems in your head has become more of a party trick than a required skill. How many kids do you know whose math skills are good enough to get their numbers straight in their head in a second? Not too many, right? This easy and simple game will help you train your brain to be able to do just that. Math Challenge is not just a quick reflex game, it is a fun tool for improving your mental calc skills!


12 ? 4 = 3
15 : ? = 5
13 x 5 = ?
? +8 = 13

Test yourself or challenge a friend to a math duel – play fast math games for kids to check what kind of a math problem solver you are. Download Math Challenge – a fun game that helps you to dust off your brain and improve math skills while playing.

Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator

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Simple Calculator app: flat design and simplicity in one. Compared to this scientific easy calculator, those ol’ adding machines are quantum physics. Get the app and try out all the functions this free math calculator has.
How many times have you caught yourself saying: “I need a calculator scientific and easy enough so it doesn’t give me headaches”? Even though there are lots of calculator apps you can choose from, none of them has caught your eye yet. It is time for you to try Simple Calculator, a new type of adding machine with the number of functions big just enough to have everything you need, but simple enough to not get you all confused. Do basic arithmetic operations, calculate percentage, use trigonometric functions and much more. Download Simple Calculator for free and enjoy flat design and simplicity.


– Add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate percentage in a super easy way
– Swipe-up menu for advanced functions
– Degrees and radians
– Results in precision you choose
– Flat design with multiple themes
– Optimized for tablets

With technology evolving, math calculators have made a huge progress, too. It all started with abacus which gradually evolved into adding machines. However, pocket calculators as we know them today were created in the 1960s and have changed a lot since then. Nowadays pocket calculator is the most popular as an app which has everything for everyday life. There is no need for separate devices unless you are a scientist, but even then this Simple Calculator can come in handy. Download this scientific calculator app for free, explore its functions and have fun doing math!

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano

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For all of you who have Chopin lying within, here is a new musical keyboard app: Virtual Piano simulator! Play the piano, try out 3 different instrument sounds and have fun!
Virtual musical instruments have been popular from the moment touchscreen phones were invented. Piano musical keyboard is without doubt the most popular one. What this virtual piano app has to offer is a musical keyboard with simple design and easy to use interface. Just open the app and there you have it – a piano simulator which will make the time fly by so fast you won’t even notice it. Download Virtual Piano keyboard app and enjoy your new hobby!


– Simple design
– 3 instrument sounds: piano, banjo, toy piano
– 88 keys
– Pedal for changing the instrument’s sound

It doesn’t matter if you know how to play the piano or not, this virtual musical keyboard will definitely be a nice pastime. You can even let the kids give it a go: they will definitely like the variety of sounds. It sure will be interesting to listen to those little virtuosi. Get your Virtual Piano now, because the time for music and fun is always right.