Classical Music Quiz

Classical Music Quiz

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🎼🎻 🎹 🎼 Guess the classical music of your favorite classical composer and win the title “Mini Mozart”. Classical Music Quiz is a new music trivia quiz game with classical music trivia questions and answers about famous classical composers Listen to the greatest pieces of music and check your general knowledge about the greatest classical composers in history like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi etc.


– CLASSICAL MUSIC QUIZ – FAMOUS COMPOSERS AND COMPOSITIONS IN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai and VIetnamese
– HINTS – if you get stuck on a certain question, hint can be of help OR you can
– SKIP QUESTION, lose one life and move to the next trivia question
– HEARTS are your lives, each incorrect answer is one heart less
– ASK A FRIEND for help if you run out of all hints
– CERTIFICATE – you get it once you answer all trivia quiz questions


The world is full of diverse compositions and composers of the modern age, but the angelic sounds of the good old masters can never be replaced. Can you guess the composer and go against the clock to win the highest score in this classical music trivia questions and answers game? Get the certificate to show how much you know. INSTALL CLASSICAL MUSIC QUIZ – FAMOUS COMPOSERS AND COMPOSITIONS NOW AND ENJOY ANSWERING MUSIC TRIVIA QUESTIONS!

If you appreciate classical music, check out this new classical music quiz questions and answers and join the community of people who have good music taste. This guess the composer trivia quiz game is created to check your general knowledge about famous composers and compositions. Listen to the brilliant pieces of music and try to guess famous operas, sonatas, arias.

These classical music quizzes in general are a nice way to have a good time and learn something new. With so many trivia questions and answers + fun facts for each one of them, this Classical Music Quiz – famous composers and compositions is a must-have among the apps. With a possibility to answer quick quiz questions in all the languages you know, this Classical Music Quiz – famous composers and compositions is more interesting than ever! So get Classical Music Quiz game and enjoy learning new stuff through quick trivia questions and answers!

Start this classical music trivia questions and answers and show your general knowledge about the world’s greatest classical music composers!


Relaxing Meditation Music


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🌼 Is it time for your daily meditation yet? Download Zennn: Relaxing Meditation Music and let the soothing sounds of nature and ocean waves take you to a careless, stress-free place. This relaxing music app will certainly raise your meditation time to a whole new level. Enjoy your moments of mindfulness meditation! 🌼


🌼 Sit comfortably and listen to relaxing meditation music instantly
🌼 High quality audio recordings – collection of the best, hand-picked meditation music
🌼 Add to Favorites
🌼 Relaxing music running in phone background
🌼 Download the songs you like (or all of them) to your phone
🌼 Watch soothing videos while listening to zen music
🌼 Different categories of meditation music for relaxation


🎶 Sea and ocean sounds – if you find a sound of an ocean wave hitting the shore soothing, this category is going to be your favorite
🎶 Rain sounds – we have all been witnesses of soothing effects rain has, that’s why Zennn includes a small collection of the best thunderstorm and rain sounds accompanied with beautiful videos
🎶 Bird sounds – chirping and birds singing is the prettiest lullaby
🎶 Sleep sounds – various sleep music and relaxing sounds for sleeping are here for your sweeter dreams
🎶 Soothing music – beautiful instrumentals with the power to calm you down and make you feel relaxed
🎶 Zen music – a perfect category for reaching zen while meditating, doing yoga or simply sitting comfortably and listening to the soothing sounds
🎶 Miscellaneous relaxing music – if you don’t feel like listening to anything in particular, here you have a bit of everything.

It really makes no difference if you meditate or not. Zennn: Relaxing Meditation Music app is for everyone who likes listening to soothing music and sounds of nature. With different categories such as rain sounds, zen music and relaxing sounds for sleeping it will be hard not to fall in love with this app. Zennn has everything you need for relaxation and meditation. Enjoy!

Love Songs and Romantic Music

Love Songs and Romantic Music

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Love Songs and Romantic Music is a love music app with beautiful songs and instrumentals. If you are someone who enjoys romance and likes to be reminded how sweet it can be, you will be surprised how much you’ll like this app! Romantic love songs in this free music app will make you feel like you are in a movie with the love of your life. The notes of slow piano music can be really gentle and touching, whereas some salsa latino music and Cuban music bring you into a whole new world of passion.


💖 Listen to slow love music instantly
💖 Set timer to automatically stop the quiet music when convenient
💖 High quality audio recordings – collection of hand-picked romantic instrumental music
💖 Different romantic piano music and love songs
💖 Add to Favorites
💖 Slow music running in phone background
💖 Only top quality ambient music and sounds
💖 Download all the songs on your phone, so you can access them when offline


Every love tune in Love Songs and Romantic Music can be used as romantic background music for special occasions, such as nice romantic evenings with your beloved one. Some of the most romantic songs in the app will certainly remind you of some old love songs, whereas certain songs about love can be modern beats.

Download Love Songs and Romantic Music and enjoy yourselves with romantic instrumental music and quiet romantic sounds.

My Music Player

My Music Player

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🎶 My Music Player is a simple and elegant MP3 audio player. This incredible amazing music player app enables you to play music by adjusting your soundtracks with a 6-band equalizer, bass boost, FM scrobbling, tons of themes and other options. If you’d rather keep your personal playlist instead of using some sort of music streaming and you don’t like using stock music player, this is the right choice. Choose the best audio player for Android™ so that you can instantly reach your music collection! My Music Player, a minimalist app for all audiophiles, is the best bet for you!


Send morning song dedications instantly to someone via chat or message. My Music Player provides you with the unique feature to share offline music with your loved ones and friends. It allows you to enjoy your favorite songs anytime and anywhere without internet connection, only using this MP3 audio player.


🎧 Play music directly on your phone
🎧 Preview your favorite songs in different categories
🎧 Built in 6-band equalizer with bass boost
🎧 Flat and material design
🎧 Sleep timer
🎧 Customize widgets
🎧 Last.FM Scrobbling
🎧 Powerful equalizer
🎧 Customize your background
🎧 Various themes and options
🎧 Share your favorite song with your friends and loved ones


Various background themes in My Music Player will make your device look even more outstanding, and this will accordingly bring your user experience to the next level. You can watch the wonderful visual sound spectrum at the same time you listen to your favorite music play in the background. All the sound spectrums move according to the audio rhythm.

🎶 Download the MP3 audio player app and instantly possess the best audio player for Android™. Classify songs in this popular song player with ease and personalize your amazing music player app with powerful functions. Customize playlists and create your music library from millions of playlists. Bring listening to your favorite songs to the next level!

Listen to the inspiring songs wherever you are and let the music play in this incredible song player all day long! Download My Music Player and see where the music can take you.

Music Player for Android™

Music Player for Android

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Music Player for Android™ – all the music you love in one song player app.

Music Player for Android™ is different from other MP3 audio player apps. How? Instead of having a dozen streaming music service apps (Sound Cloud, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) on your device, you can connect your accounts to Music Player for Android™ and play your favorite music with a single audio player! And this is only one of many things this free song player can do!


Music Player for Android™ features charts like Top 200 and Viral 50 with lists of the most popular songs in the world. This free song player app also makes it possible to listen to Top 100 songs chart from iTunes and always have the latest tracks on your device. This streaming music player app, besides being your personal music streamer, has around 30+ different playlists of different music genres.


– Search for tracks, albums or artists in all the music services you are connected to
– Works as a music streamer – streams your music from Spotify and Beets
– Deezer is also one of the audio service apps you can connect to. Make it your own Deezer music streamer
– MP3 audio player for your tracks from Ampache and Amazon
– Play Top 100 chart from iTunes at all times
– Play Top 200 & Viral 50 charts from Spotify
– You can start streaming music from Jamendo at any time
– Audio player for the music from your device
– Using Soundcloud as your personal song player? This audio player app is your No. 1 choice for listening to music from Soundcloud
– Have accounts on Subsonic and Tidal? Your streaming music player is perfect to play music from these music services
– Play your tracks from Google Play Music service app
– Sound quality settings – when using WiFi to play your tracks, you will enjoy higher quality sound
– Equalizer settings – set the music sounds according to your mood or the genre you are listening to


Besides being an audio player / music streamer with all the most popular songs of the moment, Music Player for Android™ is an MP3 music player for all your favorite songs. Whether these tracks are on your device storage or you have a playlist on one of the mentioned music services, Music Player for Android™ will play everything you want! Download now and have one song player app to enjoy music from everywhere!

Music Player

Music Player

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A treat for all the audiophiles: an ultimate Music Player! Let the music play!

Music is everywhere. Searching for a good audio player, you are all over the place, too. Although the search can be fun, it’s time to settle down with a Music Player that can play your favorite songs and foreign or local radio stations. Connect all the accounts you have on different music services and don’t ever lose a second trying to find your favorite playlist. Let the playlist come to you! Download Music Player, the best song player for Android, and watch (better yet, listen to) your music XP rise!


🎵 Search for the songs through all the music services you are connected to:
🎶 Stream music from Spotify and Beets
🎶 Play your favorite songs from iTunes
🎶 Play songs from Amazon and Ampache
🎶 Deezer is also one of the music services you can play songs from
🎶 Play music from Google Play Music
🎶 You can start streaming music from Jamendo at any time
🎶 If Soundcloud is your favorite music streamer, you will love to have this audio player on your phone
🎶 Play music from Subsonic or stream songs from Tidal
🎵 Play radio stations – this app is a sort of a radio player, too
🎵 Play music from your phone
🎵 Equalizer settings – make the sound suit your mood
🎵 Sound quality settings – when playing songs through WiFi, you can enjoy better sound
🎵 Playlists of your choice: enjoy your favorite songs in one place

Turn this audio player into your personal music streaming service. It will come in handy wherever you are, and with a strong WiFi connection, only low battery can stop the party. This Music Player for Android is everything you need from a song player. Whether you prefer radio stations with songs of local performers or foreign ones, this radio player app has it all! One thing is certain: you will not get bored. So, download Audio Player for Android, your personal music streaming service and enjoy! The world is much nicer when you (literally) have the best music in your pocket!

Baby Lullabies


Download : Baby Lullabies

Soothing your dearest being has never been easier. Playing calming songs for sleep and popular smooth lullabies will soothe your baby who has troubles with sleep.Bedtime music is the perfect solution for both babies and children. You can share and provide your baby with such an experience which only bedtime music can give. Lullabies can help you communicate with your child in a special way and calm you and your baby. You can surely conclude that your Android needs some of our best and most popular mp3 music, including lullabies, songs for kids and nursery rhymes that will create a perfect bedtime atmosphere needed to put your infant to sleep or to calm it.
These popular mp3 songs can be downloaded for free, and we assure you that your children will love them. Another interesting offer encompasses the lyrics of the lullabies which you can learn and sing to your child. In this way you will be able, if you wish to sing those same songs to your children before sleeping. In this app, you will find some of the classic and most loved lullabies, such as those of Brahms and Mozzart, French, Russian and Spanish. They are perfect for sending your child to sleep. Just choose your favorite classic lullabies and other melodies suitable for bedtime from the list below. You can learn all the words, if you want to sing them yourselves. You can also play some of the Christmas melodies from our list which are among the best ones.

Be sure that your child will be calm and sleep perfectly after hearing these lullabies.