Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

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Are you a busy person who cannot keep all the details in his or her head? Automatic Call Recorder, a free voice call recorder app is here to do the job for you! Whether it is an incoming or an outgoing phone call, this is an audio recorder app to rely on. With a simple touch on a button, this simple call recorder gets started and memorizes all the conversations you are having on you mobile phone.

Automatic Call Recorder can record phone calls no matter where you are and who you are talking to. It stores ALL of your conversations on your phone’s memory, which you can access any time you want. They are stored into 3 different categories: incoming call recordings, outgoing call recordings, and all of them together.

Automatic Call Recorder offers you functionality and simplicity because that is what makes the best call recorder for android! It is easy to get, easy to use, and easy to share.


– Simple way to record what you want, to play and delete it
– Send/share voice recordings via e-mail, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Viber, etc. using this Android call recorder app
– Call recording in background (even when display is off)
– Select a call recording file and upload it on Google Drive
– Open a call recording file on Google Drive
– High-quality sound
– Easy-to-use file list
– Delete your phone recording files directly from the app

If you are going through a meeting’s details with your partners and colleagues over the phone, don’t write anything down, your calling recording app has gotten it covered. Are you about to visit someone and can’t be bothered to remember yet another address? Hit the button and your phone call recorder will handle it. You got the point: this smart voice recorder is useful for so many things and makes your life easier.

If you happen to be a journalist interviewing someone for a story, or an employer having a job interview with his potential employee over the phone, this mobile call recorder can come in handy. You would definitely rather want to record conversation than spend valuable time while taking notes.

NOTE: Automatic Call Recorder is not a spy call recorder app. Please keep in mind that you should let the other person know that Automatic Call Recorder is recording your conversation. All the information required through permissions upon installing the app (such as you personal contact lists, audio settings, internal storage and callings) is used solely for the purpose of the app functioning properly. The developers of the application do not have any access to it whatsoever, and do not collect or use it in any way.
Download Automatic Call Recorder, a free android voice recorder, and be sure that all your important conversations over the phone will be saved, safe and sound!

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Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

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Easy Voice Recorder is a free sound recording app for Android owners who need a quick and simple way to manage voice memos. This free Android audio recording app is very user-friendly – it has a single button to start and finish recording your voice memos in high-quality, automatically stores and gives you easy access to them and gives you options to name and share your files via e-mail, social networks, Dropbox, etc. You never know when you’ll need a sound recorder app (and eventually, you will), so get Easy Voice Recorder now!

Free Android audio recording apps can be real time savers to many types of people who need to pay attention to details: business people, audio professionals, sound engineers, DJs, lawyers, journalists, students, song writers, interviewers, lecturers and many others!

– Simple way to record what you want
- Send/share voice memos via e-mail, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Viber, etc. using this Android sound recorder app
– Sound recording in background (even when display is off)
- Name your audio recordings
– High-quality sound
– Easy-to-use file list
– Delete your files directly from the app

You can use Easy Voice Recorder to record lectures or to record conversations during meetings or interviews when tiny details are important for your business. Having a free sound recorder on your Android device can make your life easier because when compared to taking notes, a simple voice recorder app saves time!

This free audio recorder app is a slick and functional sound recorder. It shines in its simplicity and polished design. Easy Voice Recorder makes it easy to record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet at any time!

NOTE: Easy Voice Recorder is not a call recording app. If you want to record lectures or record conversations with this free sound recorder for Android, make sure that you ask for permission before you record voice memos on your device.

Download Easy Voice Recorder now! Besides using it for your job or school, you can entertain yourself and people around you with it, too!

Simple File Manager


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Simple File Manager for Android™ makes organizing data and managing apps easy as it should be. This file organizer, with an app manager included, has all the features you might need: cut, copy, delete or search for data, access bookmarks, remove or backup apps and many more.

There hardly is a person who likes complicated file explorers and document managers, where you can’t figure out whether you will be returned to home page or just one step back if you click on a button. That’s why folder organizers such as Simple File Manager exist. With material design and quick access to everything, this document manager makes it easy to put files into place.


– Easy to use, open-source file organizer
– Cut, copy, delete, compress, extract and other basic features
– Work on multiple tabs simultaneously inside file manager
– Navigation drawer for quick navigation
– App Manager to open, backup or uninstall any app
– SMB (windows) file sharing
– Choose between multiple themes and colors
– Access history, bookmarks or search for a document quickly
– Root explorer for advanced users
– Document manager based on Material Design guidelines

So, download Simple File Manager for Android™, try its features and see for yourself why the best file organizers are the ones that are so easy to use. You won’t get disappointed by this file commander, that’s for sure.

Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator

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Simple Calculator app: flat design and simplicity in one. Compared to this scientific easy calculator, those ol’ adding machines are quantum physics. Get the app and try out all the functions this free math calculator has.
How many times have you caught yourself saying: “I need a calculator scientific and easy enough so it doesn’t give me headaches”? Even though there are lots of calculator apps you can choose from, none of them has caught your eye yet. It is time for you to try Simple Calculator, a new type of adding machine with the number of functions big just enough to have everything you need, but simple enough to not get you all confused. Do basic arithmetic operations, calculate percentage, use trigonometric functions and much more. Download Simple Calculator for free and enjoy flat design and simplicity.


– Add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate percentage in a super easy way
– Swipe-up menu for advanced functions
– Degrees and radians
– Results in precision you choose
– Flat design with multiple themes
– Optimized for tablets

With technology evolving, math calculators have made a huge progress, too. It all started with abacus which gradually evolved into adding machines. However, pocket calculators as we know them today were created in the 1960s and have changed a lot since then. Nowadays pocket calculator is the most popular as an app which has everything for everyday life. There is no need for separate devices unless you are a scientist, but even then this Simple Calculator can come in handy. Download this scientific calculator app for free, explore its functions and have fun doing math!

Hangman Plus

hangman plus

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Not just another classic Hangman! Ranked progress, tons of Hangman words, cool fun facts about every hangman word and more…
Why is Hangman Plus better than classic hangman games:

🎮 Ranked gameplay: start from the amoeba and reach the highest level!
🎮 Guess movies, actors, books, singers and more
🎮 Learn something new: fun fact about every term you guess
🎮 Play your hangman with different characters: Dracula, Pirate, Cowboy, Zombie and more
🎮 Learn foreign languages – available in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian and Croatian
🎮 Variety of hangman words: guess artists, celebrities, TV series and shows, geography, music, fashion, sports and sports players, food, and more


Guess the word and save your Hangman. Use the given hint as a clue!

In this hangman game you can progress from easy to medium and finally hard mode. On each level, you can make a certain number of mistakes, but each mistake costs the hangman a body part. After 8 wrong guesses in easy, 6 in medium, and 4 in the hard mode, your creature gets hanged and your ranking drops. Do not let your ranking drop!

The scoring system keeps the competition on.

Where can you rank? Download the game and become a Hangman pro!

Horse Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Pages

Hey horse lovers, challenge your child’s imagination with lovely animal coloring games in Horse Coloring Pages. Download and enjoy coloring in horse drawings together.

Hear the trot? Horse Coloring Pages are coming! Try out these lovely animal coloring games and your children will be amazed. We can’t take our kids to the farm so often, but we can afford them this wonderful painting experience with beautiful horse colouring pages. This way they can get a taste of a farm life without travelling. Teach your children through these coloring sheets for kids and animal pictures to color about horses and their strength. Give them self confidence and encourage them to put all the colors of the rainbow on pony coloring pictures and bring to life this noble animal. You’ll be amazed at how creative your child can be with these horse pictures to color.


★ 4 ways to color: bucket, brush, spray and color pencil
★ Add stickers and color with patterns
★ Background music on/off
★ 10+ color palettes
★ 20 coloring pages
★ INSPIRATION: see what your fellow artist users have colored
★ Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram
★ Zoom in for detailed coloring

Do you want to train your kid’s creativity and develop his or her cognitive skills? Coloring in this virtual coloring book for kids and wonderful pony coloring pictures is a positive activity that fits right into the palm of your hand. Don’t miss to download Horse Coloring Pages, because who knows, your kid may turn out to be a born artist! Show your child’s artistic talent through this lovely coloring book for kids. Then, you can proudly display completed animal pictures to color on social networks and enjoy all the likes.

Do you believe that a horseshoe brings luck? Most of us do, but the real source of happiness is your kids’ smile and joy. These animal coloring games are for all ages so have a good time with your children. Be a good parent and use this creative way to evolve your child. Download Horse Coloring Pages, prepare your fingers and enter the world of colorful pony coloring pictures.


Coloring pages for kids as an educational tool is an excellent method to improve motor skills, fine motor movement, hand to eye coordination, handwriting and color perception and recognition. Psychologists suggest that coloring pages for kids have a therapeutic effect as coloring is a centering activity that can train focusing and calm the mind. Even though coloring pages can contain simple pictures, it can be a challenging task for kids. The ability to complete a picture successfully builds a better self – esteem and confidence among children.
Many kids like to color and coloring pages seem to be more than just a fun free time activity. Coloring books should be used every day as a part of educational material in every school as it is proven to be influential to personality development starting from early childhood.


All the drawings and images in the app are copyright of PeakselGames. For any questions and/or suggestions, please contact us at

My Talking Lady Dog

My Talking Lady Dog

Download : My Talking Lady Dog

Your children love dog games for kids? You should get a talking puppy virtual pet and check if they are ready for a real one. Virtual pet games like My Talking Lady Dog will test your kids’ patience and caring skills and show whether a cute baby dog should join your family. Get this puppy game and have fun!


🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

After My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet and nearly 10,000,000 satisfied users, we decided that Charlie should have a lady friend, as well. My Talking Lady Dog Daisy will soon become your favorite virtual pet and you will love looking after her as she grows from a baby dog to a lovely adult talking lady dog.

🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

With a talking dog virtual pet, you can forget about all the mess and howling nights. By downloadingMy Talking Lady Dog, you will get an adorable talking puppy girl named Daisy. Puppy games for girls combine cuteness and fun, but Daisy loves playing with both girls and boys, which makes this virtual pet game appropriate for children of all age (oh, parents will love it too!). Dog games for kids are fun, so why not give this talking dog a chance? Adopt this baby dog virtual pet and watch her grow into a beautiful talking lady dog! She will definitely warm your heart!


Personalize your talking puppy by choosing your favorite outfit for your virtual pet to wear. You can change clothes, furniture and pretty much anything around the room. Also, you can name your baby dog as you please and look after her until she becomes a fully grown talking dog.


🐾 TALK to Daisy and she will repeat everything you say in a funny voice
🐾 Touch the hanger button to play dog dress up
🐾 Click on the mirror in the bathroom to play makeup games
🐾 FEED Daisy magic bones and see what happens
🐾 Touch the sink to brush Daisy’s teeth
🐾 PLAY MINI GAMES with your virtual pet and choose the one you like the most
🐾 Touch the armchair button to change furniture, appliances and backgrounds
🐾 Be with your virtual pet as she is growing up from a baby dog to an adult talking dog
🐾 COLLECT coins to buy potions which will help you in the game


When you adopt Daisy, she will be just a cute talking puppy in need of care. You will need to bathe, feed and play with your talking dog so that she can grow into a beautiful lady dog virtual pet. You can also play mini dog games for kids with Daisy and set your personal score. Watch out for those energy levels, though, because your virtual pet needs her sleep in order to be able to play all day long.

Virtual pet and puppy games for girls and boys can be so much fun for everyone and there is nothing more beautiful than a child’s laughter. This talking dog virtual pet will put a smile on your children’s face while they learn to care after a living being, thus getting ready for a baby dog they so long to have. Dogs are people’s best friends and a talking puppy not only listens to you but repeats what you say so it’s like hearing your thoughts out loud. Get My Talking Lady Dog and enjoy playing dog games for kids no matter how old you are!

This game is an intellectual property of DigitalEagle.