Dog Live Wallpaper

Download :Dog Live Wallpaper

Wallpapers and backgrounds have reached a new level of cuteness with these free live wallpapers known as Dog Live Wallpaper. Beautify your Android phone with this free app.
If you want to see one of the four cute puppy dogs as your animated wallpaper, you just have to follow these few simple rules. But before anything else, you have to download free wallpapers and only then you can do the rest.
How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Dog Live Wallpaper from the list

Not long ago did free live wallpapers for Android become popular and start spreading like fire from one smartphone to another and from one tablet to another. Nowadays, the ongoing trends in the industry of live wallpapers are live animal wallpapers. The reason for this is that no one can resist cute puppies or cool dogs or any other pet wallpaper for that matter. Being the most famous in the pet world, dogs and puppies wallpaper is the most popular. If you are one of the dog lovers and you like to have animated wallpapers and backgrounds you will then most certainly love the doggies in these cartoon live wallpapers.
The interesting thing when these dogs and puppies are in question is that they have come out of one of the most famous animal games in the world – Dog Dress up game. This free app has only a limited number of styled dogs, while all the rest are in the pet salon game. Download the game and make the dog as you like and in that way you’ll have your own generated wallpaper.

These pet live wallpapers actually have four different dog breeds to choose from and six different backgrounds where to place the chosen dog. Each of the dogs has two different outfit combinations and clothing styles, which actually leads to eight completely different dogs and puppies. There are two female dogs here, Chihuahuas Paris and Christine and Miss Poodles Bella and Lola. The machos in this animal wallpapers app that can be animated dogs on your screen are Bulldogs Oscar and Toby, and Beagles Lucky and Wrigley. Download free app and see which dog is your favorite among all the dogs in this cool wallpapers app.

Lucky is a colorful clown that will make you laugh, whereas Wrigley is a super magician. Oscar is a gentleman dog, and Toby is a sleepy puppy that can be perfect as live wallpaper in the night. Bella is the queen of all animated wallpapers, and Lola is a cute schoolgirl. Paris and Christine are fashionable Chihuahua dogs.


Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper


Download : Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper

Warning! Cuteness overload! Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper is in town to bring you joy and happiness. This is a free Android app with fantastic animated pictures of bunnies.

Bunny Rabbit live wallpaper is fantastic for all the people who love bunnies, perfect for boys and girls but also for adults who would like to cheer up whenever they look at their phone.

Choose one of six cute bunny pictures, set it as live wallpaper and make your phone the cutest ever. There are five kinds of bunnies that move their cute noses, dressed in fashionable bunny suits. Find your favorite one and then place it in the background you want and have fun with your new pet rabbit.

How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper from the list

These cute bunnies are already famous because they are the main characters of free Bunny Dress Up Game, so they got used to high fashion and like to visit the coolest places and pet salons. So, don’t make your baby bunny angry! Take care of him and find the background he really likes. Sometimes he wants to be on the beach, sometimes he needs some fun in the disco, or maybe your funny bunny just needs peace and quiet of his garden full of tasty carrots.

When you download Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper, first choose your favorite honey bunny among six of them and then find one of five animated background that you think is most adequate for him.

The grey rabbit is in love, with a shirt full of hearts. He is going to bring the flowers to someone he really loves. So try to win his heart and he will not let you down.
The ginger bunny is going for a walk, follow him and he will be happier than ever in his life. Blue rabbit will not make you indifferent either.

The Easter bunny is in an elegant shirt with a bow tie and is ready to bring the colored eggs to all the good people in the bunny town. Be the part of white bunny’s company and spread joy and happiness among the people.
Pink bunny is ready for the festival, follow him to dance together and you will have fun for days and hours. But take care of the purple rabbit! He has cupid bow and arrow so he can make you be head over hills in a second.

If you want to know more about bunnies, make a bunny wallpaper by yourself, you can download Bunny dress up game, dress the bunny the way you like and set it as wallpaper.
This bunny cartoon character will show you that everybody should love animals, not to be animal shooters.
Now my dear, you are ready to set your wallpaper and make your phone beautiful.


Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper

Download : Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper

Hello everybody! Let’s beautify your phone with Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper, one of the cutest free live wallpapers for Android.

Choose one of the five animated pictures of different adorable kitty cats blinking. They came out from Kitty Dress Up game only for you to set some of them as pet live wallpaper.

How to install:

Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper from the list

Cute cats are always refreshing and fill your heart with joy. Get the feel-good factor and explore your brighter side with the cute kittens on your home screen, a right choice for you.

Watching the sweet Kitty Cat live wallpaper is just perfect to set your mood right.
Kittens can melt all your anger and bring out the child in you. Lovely, adorable ones take you away from all your worries, cheers you up and keep you going smooth.
All five fluffy cats are real ladies with fashionable clothes and accessories. You just have to choose which one you like the most and choose separately backgrounds you want:

The first live wallpaper is with white pussycat in her living room ready for the party, with a beautiful trendy hat and a blouse.

The second cat live wallpaper presents pink cat on the roof, wearing trendy dress with dots and a flower on her head.

The third, purple kitten is at the birthday party with balloons and a cake with candles, wearing stripped dress, expensive earrings and necklace, and a bun in her hair.

The other cat is on the fair having fun while the hot air balloons are moving in the sky.

You can find the fifth kitty cat on the three because she likes to climb a lot. If you like adventures as she does, you will certainly choose this kitty live wallpaper to be on your screen.

If you like this cute wallpapers of cats and you like cat games, download Kitty dress up game and dress the cat the way you like and make new kitty cat wallpapers and backgrounds that are completely authentic, because there are thousands and thousands of combinations of fancy clothes, so you can be sure that no one have the same cute animal wallpaper as you do.

Download : Kitty Dress Up


Zombie wallpapers

Download : Zombie wallpapers

Seen any zombies lately? The undead are back again and you should fight for your life! Reserve the most evil zombies to be on your side – right from the “Zombie wallpapers” app to your phone!

Do not be afraid of the upcoming invasion, because this app will protect you from the evil force. No matter the time, the place, the weather, “Zombie wallpapers” app will be there for you, on your desktop, to help you fight those bloodthirsty ones. Its functions are numerous – it can be used as a screensaver, wallpaper, as an image added to a special contact from your list. You can even use it to prank your friends and frighten them. This app offers you a great variety of different scary pictures from which you can choose those you like the most and set them as your wallpaper. The living dead are present everywhere! You can find them in hospitals where they are scary zombie doctors. For you students, this app has a special college zombie wallpaper, to help you survive your exam days! You can even have a pic of a gangster zombie on your screen. You can feel super powerful with superzombie wallpaper! We even offer you images of zombie run and skate.
Whether you are on the North Pole or in a desert, this app covers all the places around the globe and even beyond. If all this isn’t enough for you, we can tell you that all these wallpapers come from the Zombie dress up game. If you are eager to make your own zombie, to dress him up as you wish, visit this address: .
The best thing with this app is that it is free and always will be!

Enjoy your new ”Zombie wallpapers” and have loads of fun with your friends!


Zombie Live Wallpaper

Download : Zombie Live Wallpaper

Living dead are coming! Zombie Live Wallpaper is showing you the undead rising from the graves to conquer our world.

This was a peaceful sunny day on a graveyard with stone memorials and flowers around. But suddenly, one by one, six zombies are showing up thirsty for your blood.
The undead are wearing interesting clothes or uniforms and crazy hair styles. But don’t let them fool you! They are making crazy faces, smile, wink and send kisses. These monsters will do everything to seduce you.


How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Zombie Live Wallpaper from the list

Live wallpaper settings:

Set timer to adjust the speed of zombies’ appearance
Turn off the zombies to enjoy the scenery of this beautiful graveyard

Enjoy this free Zombie live wallpaper for your android with six crazy living dead coming out from the graves and check out our channel for more zombie games and apps.