Mirror Mirror

Download :Mirror Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on my phone, who is the fairest of them all?” It’s YOU of course! With this free mirror app for Android you will always look perfect!

Your phone will never be the same again. “Mirror Mirror” app is going to turn your phone into a fantastic magic mirror. This is a unique app with so many options that will make you forget about all the pocket mirrors you had before. You just need your Android phone and a front camera to enjoy the opportunities this app offers you.

You are beautiful! Show it to everyone!
Why is this free application better than ordinary small mirrors and mirror cameras?

– You can use zoom option to make a magnifying mirror. Now you can see better the details on your face when you put your contact lances for example. It also becomes the makeup mirror you have ever had in your life.

– Freeze your reflection and take a closer look without taking a photo. Sometimes you need to see something that is out of your sight, so now it is possible with this option.

– Take a picture when you see how beautiful you are. Then choose to save your photo or share it, so everybody can admire you.

– Use the scroll for brightness to see yourself better. Sometimes the light outside or in the room is not so good. With an ordinary mirror you will not be possible to see anything, but with this option you will never have such problems any more.

– Turn on the light to see yourself in dark. This is great when you go out at night because it is very important to look good then and ladies mirror with lights is very hard to find when you need it.

– Choose some of the modern mirror frames to personalize it and make a real beauty mirror.
Download mirror app and forget about the small mirror for purse that just takes a lot of space and can be very useless without the proper light. Now you can have a good time wherever you are with “Mirror Mirror” app!

The best things in life are always free. Enjoy!