Relaxing Meditation Music


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🌼 Is it time for your daily meditation yet? Download Zennn: Relaxing Meditation Music and let the soothing sounds of nature and ocean waves take you to a careless, stress-free place. This relaxing music app will certainly raise your meditation time to a whole new level. Enjoy your moments of mindfulness meditation! 🌼


🌼 Sit comfortably and listen to relaxing meditation music instantly
🌼 High quality audio recordings – collection of the best, hand-picked meditation music
🌼 Add to Favorites
🌼 Relaxing music running in phone background
🌼 Download the songs you like (or all of them) to your phone
🌼 Watch soothing videos while listening to zen music
🌼 Different categories of meditation music for relaxation


🎶 Sea and ocean sounds – if you find a sound of an ocean wave hitting the shore soothing, this category is going to be your favorite
🎶 Rain sounds – we have all been witnesses of soothing effects rain has, that’s why Zennn includes a small collection of the best thunderstorm and rain sounds accompanied with beautiful videos
🎶 Bird sounds – chirping and birds singing is the prettiest lullaby
🎶 Sleep sounds – various sleep music and relaxing sounds for sleeping are here for your sweeter dreams
🎶 Soothing music – beautiful instrumentals with the power to calm you down and make you feel relaxed
🎶 Zen music – a perfect category for reaching zen while meditating, doing yoga or simply sitting comfortably and listening to the soothing sounds
🎶 Miscellaneous relaxing music – if you don’t feel like listening to anything in particular, here you have a bit of everything.

It really makes no difference if you meditate or not. Zennn: Relaxing Meditation Music app is for everyone who likes listening to soothing music and sounds of nature. With different categories such as rain sounds, zen music and relaxing sounds for sleeping it will be hard not to fall in love with this app. Zennn has everything you need for relaxation and meditation. Enjoy!