Yoga Meditation Music

Yoga Meditation Music

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🌿Yoga Meditation Music is a free music app that offers you soothing music and relaxing sounds for practice and relaxation, regardless of your yoga skills.🌿 Its healing music and nature sounds are good for your body and soul, simply because they bring you into a whole different world and state. So download Yoga Meditation Music, grab your yoga mat and find a perfect spot for your yoga music therapy.


🌊Listen to yoga relaxation music instantly and enjoy
🌊Background music: you can let it play in background and open other apps
🌊Top quality spiritual music and nature sounds
🌊Download all yoga songs on your phone, so you can access them when offline
🌊Add yoga music to Favorites
🌊Set timer to automatically stop the healing yoga music when you fall asleep



Do not hesitate to help yourself, as well as your loved ones. Soothing yoga music can make you ease your mind after a long rough day at work! Download Yoga Meditation Music and let its spiritual music make you feel reborn. Music and sound therapy is easy to obtain, now more than ever. Let the sounds of the ocean and waves cleanse your thoughts, restart your mind and give you additional strength to move through the day.

Do not be shy to use free meditation music and relaxing instrumental music as an excuse to spend some quality time with your family, doing things slowly and relaxing together. You can have Yoga Meditation Music wherever you are during the day, and practice yoga and meditation without even being in a gym. Make it a date with your partner, wander to a secluded park or a beach, and do some yoga together while listening to soothing zen music.

Maybe you wish to sit back and enjoy yoga songs and calming music while resting after doing all those chores, that on the other hand, take away time you want to spend with your friends and family. Give them a call or gather them around, play Yoga Meditation Music and let them experience nature sounds that can be relaxing music as well. Instead of going out for drinks or to a club, you can bond with each other on a new, spiritual level while some nice spiritual yoga music playing in the background.

Download Yoga Meditation Music and see what a recuperating effect its relaxing melodies have!