Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

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Are you a busy person who cannot keep all the details in his or her head? Automatic Call Recorder, a free voice call recorder app is here to do the job for you! Whether it is an incoming or an outgoing phone call, this is an audio recorder app to rely on. With a simple touch on a button, this simple call recorder gets started and memorizes all the conversations you are having on you mobile phone.

Automatic Call Recorder can record phone calls no matter where you are and who you are talking to. It stores ALL of your conversations on your phone’s memory, which you can access any time you want. They are stored into 3 different categories: incoming call recordings, outgoing call recordings, and all of them together.

Automatic Call Recorder offers you functionality and simplicity because that is what makes the best call recorder for android! It is easy to get, easy to use, and easy to share.


– Simple way to record what you want, to play and delete it
– Send/share voice recordings via e-mail, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Viber, etc. using this Android call recorder app
– Call recording in background (even when display is off)
– Select a call recording file and upload it on Google Drive
– Open a call recording file on Google Drive
– High-quality sound
– Easy-to-use file list
– Delete your phone recording files directly from the app

If you are going through a meeting’s details with your partners and colleagues over the phone, don’t write anything down, your calling recording app has gotten it covered. Are you about to visit someone and can’t be bothered to remember yet another address? Hit the button and your phone call recorder will handle it. You got the point: this smart voice recorder is useful for so many things and makes your life easier.

If you happen to be a journalist interviewing someone for a story, or an employer having a job interview with his potential employee over the phone, this mobile call recorder can come in handy. You would definitely rather want to record conversation than spend valuable time while taking notes.

NOTE: Automatic Call Recorder is not a spy call recorder app. Please keep in mind that you should let the other person know that Automatic Call Recorder is recording your conversation. All the information required through permissions upon installing the app (such as you personal contact lists, audio settings, internal storage and callings) is used solely for the purpose of the app functioning properly. The developers of the application do not have any access to it whatsoever, and do not collect or use it in any way.
Download Automatic Call Recorder, a free android voice recorder, and be sure that all your important conversations over the phone will be saved, safe and sound!

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


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