Draw Lines


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Easy to play and adorable, Draw Lines is one of the most addictive dots games! Draw lines from dot to dot of the same color to complete levels. Make your lines flow and be careful – do not overlap or cross them! Instantly engage yourself by finding ways to connect the dots in a grid. Cover the entire board and match the dots of the same color to complete level by level of the Draw Line game. Use your free time and those boring moments like waiting for the bus or train and play this addictive draw line game! Become the fastest player of all! Watch out – the clock is ticking! Show your speed and logic! The faster you are, the better the results! Download this simple draw line game and share your enthusiasm for connecting the dots!


🎮 624 levels in this draw line game
🎮 7 different sizes of boards
🎮 Free hints if stuck on some level in dots game
🎮 Faster players receive more reward stars
🎮 Funny Sound Effects
🎮 Simple design and colorful graphics
🎮 No in-app purchase
🎮 Share draw line game with friends on social networks

Play Draw Line game and easily become a master of connecting the dots. Draw the line from dot to dot to connect the same colors in this new dots game. Have fun while the clock is ticking and make this dot to dot game more daring by speeding it up to receive more reward stars! Draw Lines is the best way to make the boredom disappear and develop problem-solving skills and enhance creativity and coordination. It is a simple and challenging connect the dots game. Play draw lines game and discover why people all around the world are so addicted to simple games. Have fun with this dots game!


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