Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

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Easy Voice Recorder is a free sound recording app for Android owners who need a quick and simple way to manage voice memos. This free Android audio recording app is very user-friendly – it has a single button to start and finish recording your voice memos in high-quality, automatically stores and gives you easy access to them and gives you options to name and share your files via e-mail, social networks, Dropbox, etc. You never know when you’ll need a sound recorder app (and eventually, you will), so get Easy Voice Recorder now!

Free Android audio recording apps can be real time savers to many types of people who need to pay attention to details: business people, audio professionals, sound engineers, DJs, lawyers, journalists, students, song writers, interviewers, lecturers and many others!

– Simple way to record what you want
- Send/share voice memos via e-mail, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Viber, etc. using this Android sound recorder app
– Sound recording in background (even when display is off)
- Name your audio recordings
– High-quality sound
– Easy-to-use file list
– Delete your files directly from the app

You can use Easy Voice Recorder to record lectures or to record conversations during meetings or interviews when tiny details are important for your business. Having a free sound recorder on your Android device can make your life easier because when compared to taking notes, a simple voice recorder app saves time!

This free audio recorder app is a slick and functional sound recorder. It shines in its simplicity and polished design. Easy Voice Recorder makes it easy to record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet at any time!

NOTE: Easy Voice Recorder is not a call recording app. If you want to record lectures or record conversations with this free sound recorder for Android, make sure that you ask for permission before you record voice memos on your device.

Download Easy Voice Recorder now! Besides using it for your job or school, you can entertain yourself and people around you with it, too!


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