Simple File Manager


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Simple File Manager for Android™ makes organizing data and managing apps easy as it should be. This file organizer, with an app manager included, has all the features you might need: cut, copy, delete or search for data, access bookmarks, remove or backup apps and many more.

There hardly is a person who likes complicated file explorers and document managers, where you can’t figure out whether you will be returned to home page or just one step back if you click on a button. That’s why folder organizers such as Simple File Manager exist. With material design and quick access to everything, this document manager makes it easy to put files into place.


– Easy to use, open-source file organizer
– Cut, copy, delete, compress, extract and other basic features
– Work on multiple tabs simultaneously inside file manager
– Navigation drawer for quick navigation
– App Manager to open, backup or uninstall any app
– SMB (windows) file sharing
– Choose between multiple themes and colors
– Access history, bookmarks or search for a document quickly
– Root explorer for advanced users
– Document manager based on Material Design guidelines

So, download Simple File Manager for Android™, try its features and see for yourself why the best file organizers are the ones that are so easy to use. You won’t get disappointed by this file commander, that’s for sure.


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