Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator

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Simple Calculator app: flat design and simplicity in one. Compared to this scientific easy calculator, those ol’ adding machines are quantum physics. Get the app and try out all the functions this free math calculator has.
How many times have you caught yourself saying: “I need a calculator scientific and easy enough so it doesn’t give me headaches”? Even though there are lots of calculator apps you can choose from, none of them has caught your eye yet. It is time for you to try Simple Calculator, a new type of adding machine with the number of functions big just enough to have everything you need, but simple enough to not get you all confused. Do basic arithmetic operations, calculate percentage, use trigonometric functions and much more. Download Simple Calculator for free and enjoy flat design and simplicity.


– Add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate percentage in a super easy way
– Swipe-up menu for advanced functions
– Degrees and radians
– Results in precision you choose
– Flat design with multiple themes
– Optimized for tablets

With technology evolving, math calculators have made a huge progress, too. It all started with abacus which gradually evolved into adding machines. However, pocket calculators as we know them today were created in the 1960s and have changed a lot since then. Nowadays pocket calculator is the most popular as an app which has everything for everyday life. There is no need for separate devices unless you are a scientist, but even then this Simple Calculator can come in handy. Download this scientific calculator app for free, explore its functions and have fun doing math!

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