Animal Jigsaw Puzzles


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DO YOU RECALL SOLVING JIGSAW PUZZLES WHEN YOU WERE A KID? Wasn’t it fun? If you are still into brain teasers, try our new Animal Jigsaw puzzles game and bring back those beautiful memories of your childhood with unique puzzles for adults. The major difference is that now classic jigsaw puzzles evolved into virtual ones. No need to blow the dust from your favourite animal puzzle boxes and collect pieces in the end. WITH NEWEST VIRTUAL JIGSAWS, NO MESS & NO WASTE OF TIME! Animal puzzles include cat jigsaw puzzles, dog puzzles, horse puzzles, etc.


★ Over 80 high-definition photos of cute animals in jigsaw puzzles
★ Different number of animal puzzle pieces for easy puzzle or expert puzzle level
★ Classic or square shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces
★ Free hints to help you solve the fun jigsaw puzzle game
★ Preview mode helps you solve puzzle easier. Turn it off for more challenging game play
★ Set solved jigsaw puzzles as wallpapers
★ Share animal puzzle on Facebook

Awaken your creativity and mindfulness by assembling animals puzzles that are fun and challenging. Show your skills in this highly-addictive jigsaw puzzle game and see why they are exceptional.

✓ Great animals puzzles for entertainment
✓ Educational & fun jigsaw puzzle game
✓ Brain teaser for creative thinking and problem solving
✓ Relieve stress
✓ Therapeutic for some mental disorders
✓ Suitable for the entire family or friends gathering
✓ Not just affordable, but totally free

As millions of people enjoy assembling puzzles for adults, these mind games might come in handy. This mental exercise of assembling pieces into magic jigsaw puzzles is great for brain stimulation of color, shapes, and improving memory. Try free mind games yourself and see what the powers of real jigsaws are.

In addition to providing an image of interest, magic jigsaw puzzles can also stimulate your brain and improve mental agility which proves they are real brain teasers! Brain games are good for your mental health and doing daily brain puzzles for adults not only exercises your brain, but also boosts your concentration skills and memory!

This hobby is therapeutic, affordable, relaxing, educational and rewards a person with a feeling of accomplishment. Playing logic puzzle games is a fun way to recharge mental and physical energy enabling the return to reality with refreshed energy and clear thinking.

IF YOU LIKE OUR ANIMAL JIGSAW PUZZLES GAME PLEASE RATE IT WITH FIVE STARS ★★★★★. If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of our game, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Photos in the Animal Jigsaw puzzles app are licensed under Creative Commons’ license. Each photo is credited inside the app. If you have any questions contact us at

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