Nu, Pogodi: Wolf and Eggs



DownloadNu, Pogodi: Wolf and Eggs

How long has it been since you played simple old games? Download the retro game Nu, Pogodi: Wolf and Eggs now and let loose your inner child again!
Nu, Pogodi is a simple game for girls and boys, but anyone else can have fun tiring the silly wolf to exhaustion while it is determined to get as many eggs as possible. This popular retro game itself is based on a Russian cartoon Nu, Pogodi known in English as the game of Wolf and Eggs or ‘Well, you just wait!’
This classic game is a great boredom killer so get your fingers ready to play one of the best games for children! The rules of this classic game are simple: click the buttons to move the wolf left, right, up and down so that it can catch the eggs falling down one of the four trays. But be careful! You don’t want the wolf to drop the eggs because that brings you penalty points and three penalty points means game over. Still, you are very lucky because the hare, the wolf’s old buddy, is ready to help you play longer. Whenever you drop an egg in the presence of the hare, you get only half a point off. Isn’t that generous?! So, don’t waste any more time: join the wolf on its egg hunt and beat the sneaky chicken.


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