Zeus vs. Monsters – Math Game

Become mathematics god and Greek mythology expert with one of the best educational games for kids: Zeus vs. Monsters – Math Game. Download free app now!


DownloadZeus vs. MonstersMath Game

You know how your parents always fuss because you play games too much? Get the free download of Zeus vs. Monsters – Math Game, the latest of games for school, and your parents will even encourage you to play, because this is the game for smart kids! This is one of those cool math games for kids which not only becomes your professional brain trainer, helps you to think faster and handle pressure, but also improves your mental arithmetic and provides tons of fun.

You have a unique opportunity to be a god! And you will be, as long as you play fun games such as this one. Defend Mount Olympus from Hades and his evil creatures, such as the ugly Medusa or fearless Titans. Use your math defense system and Spartan fighting skills to kill the monster army.

Hades wants to play games of thrones with you – the one to survive the challenge gets to be the supreme god. Show him that the throne belongs to you! Turn your superior addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills into raging thunder and let him know that you’re still the boss! Hades will be sending his troops led by Giants, Typhon and Minotaur to conquer you. Don’t lose focus because he will get stronger. He’ll go on with monster attacks and have his mercenaries Cerberus, Chimera and Satyr drool over your head! Once you play this game, Spartan wars will seem as children’s play!

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeusvsmonsters.coolmathgamesforkids


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