Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher

Download :Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher

Get only the best themes for your phone. If you like turquoise wallpapers and neon blue color, Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher is perfect for you.

When you set this free theme for Android, your phone will never be the same again. It will look magnificent especially in the dark like it is from the outer space. Your friends will be envious of you and would like to have this cool blue theme too.

This is a real futuristic theme because of its well designed cyanogen wallpaper and icons. All the icons are redesigned according to the theme; they are black and electric blue, visible and easy to use.

To apply Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher:

1. Download Go Launcher EX from Google Play Market
2. Press menu on the phone
3. Press “themes”
4. Press the Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher

Download best theme for Android you can find on the market and boast around. Now you really have the reason to be satisfied with your phone because it looks perfect as you have always wanted. Cyanogen Theme Go Launcher is free and always will be. Enjoy!


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