Cool Blue Theme Go Launcher

Download :Cool Blue Theme Go Launcher

Are you looking for free Android themes that will make your phone the most beautiful and the cutest in the world? There is no need for searching any more, because Cool Blue Theme Go Launcher is finally here to make you happy.

When you download best theme for Android you can relax, because this cute theme can personalize your phone and show the best of you. It is for sure that this neon blue theme free will make you special and more popular. Everybody will try to be like you and have the same cute blue theme, but you will still be the first one who downloaded it.

Show your gentle side of personality!

This is not just a simple light blue, nor a dark blue theme, but a top Android theme with all the nuances of blue that will warm up your heart. When you unlock your phone you will see cool blue wallpaper with an adorable blue elephant smiling at you. There is no way to be sad and nervous any more; your theme will cheer you up like nothing and nobody else. Who can stay indifferent while looking at the cute elephant’s eyes? It’s impossible. The other wallpaper for Android is actually a blue background for app icons. It presents blue planet in the sky above the ocean. This landscape makes this a real blue water theme.

This is one of Android themes for girls that even guys like. It is easy to handle with the buttons on the screen, because the graphic doesn’t make confusion and change the look of the main and app icons. The new design just beautifies them and makes them more visible and easy to use.

To apply Cool Blue Theme Go Launcher:

1. Download Go Launcher EX from Google Play Market
2. Press menu on the phone
3. Press “themes”
4. Press the Cool Blue Theme Go Launcher



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