TV Series Schedule

Download :TV Series Schedule

DON’T miss your favorite soap operas and best TV shows! This new TV Series Schedule app gives you the list of the latest episodes and reality shows!

You cannot watch TV online with this app, but you can always know the time and place of airing of your favorite TV novelas. TV channels represented in this app are mainly for the US area. Scheduled time changes in accordance with the local time on your phone. If you are one real series junkie (addict), you will enjoy this app!!

More great features:

* Set Reminder – this is a great thing for all of you guys who are in a constant hurry and have a lot of obligations, but like to watch TV shows but usually forget when they are broadcast. Once you set this notification, you will never again forget to watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, for example.

* There is also an option to select a couple of series from the huge list and put them among your FAVORITES, so that you can have them only a click away from you.

This is a special TV guide for android which offers you the list of thousands of TV drama series and many talk shows along with their schedule – when they are aired and where. In this app you can also find the most popular animation and documentary shows. The only thing that you can’t find actually is movies schedule, but you won’t even have the time to watch movies with all these popular series, such as “Vampire Diaries” or “Glee”!

We decided it wouldn’t be fair for you to miss any other new episode and that’s the reason why this awesome app exists. It exists to make your life easier and funnier with scripted and reality programs. One quick look at this TV show schedule and you can see when your watch-TV time will be! You can see the TV timetable for the couple of days and even for one month in advance, but for the previous day as well.

New TV shows come out every single day! The most popular ones currently are “How I met Your Mother” and the new season of the “X Factor”. Maybe you are a fan of “The Waking Dead” or of the hilarious and extra positive “Big Bang Theory”. After all, it doesn’t matter which show you prefer, because here you can find any show that comes to your mind along with the special episode guide.

You gotta see this and much more! TV Series Schedule app doesn’t go anywhere; you just need to stay tuned!


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