Super Girl Game

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You GO GIRL! This new Super Girl Game brings you the best female superheroes there are and many more! Become a true super woman with the new dress up game.

Finally something for girls! It was high time for a game for girls to come out and it is one of the best games ever. This is one of those free games which can keep your attention all day long. Try to make a female hero that will be just according to your needs and desires. You can combine different parts of distinct woman superheroes, and make an ultimate wonder woman that will be ready to combat with everybody. It is dressing up game for girls who like to be brave and save the planet.

This is not a classic superhero game, but has a feminine touch, as well. Who said that top girl cannot be strong and wear a lipstick at the same time? Project superwoman just the way you imagined her. With this android game for free, you can change supergirl outfit from head to toe. Maybe Batman is the most popular hero among men, but your combination of a bat girl and a cat woman will defeat him in less than a second. Play dress up game and imagine how you rescue the world with cool female superhero powers.

“Super Girl Game” is the best game app! You will enjoy it and all your girlfriends will start playing “go girl games”.

Who runs the world? SUPERGIRLS!!
Play free game now!
The usage is very simply. Once you download this free app, you will have the opportunity to make own super girl and have it on your phone.

-Once you open this app, you will see a default super girl, and on the left and right hand side from it, you will see five different buttons. You can use these buttons to change super woman stuff like – head, arms, upper body part, cape and legs, respectively. Which super woman are you?

– Use the shuffle button to make a random combination of all these items.

– Use the mute button to turn on and off the melody.

– Press the button with the tick mark on it to choose the options: Share on Facebook, Save Image, Set as Wallpaper, Set as Contact Photo, or Start Over if you are not satisfied.

Please report bug and we will fix ASAP!

Legal Info:

Super Girl Game app is an intellectual property of GOOD SOUND APP – copyright 2012.

Already tested on HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sonny Ericsson Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Ericsson Xperia mini


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