Zombie Theme Go Launcher

Download :Zombie Theme Go Launcher

Zombie time! We present you the Zombie Theme Go Launcher app and living dead on your phone! Get this magnificent ex go launcher theme immediately and prepare for zombie attack!

Your phone wants to be ZOMBIFIED! This app contains some really whacked zombies which puts it among three top android themes. You’ve probably got bored with your old theme for android, and the best you can do both for yourself and your phone is to set up our zombie theme. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have ghost-like mobile? Of course it would, and now you can have your wallpaper, icons, custom dock background and everything else with zombies running all over the place.

Zombie Theme Go Launcher consists of three zombie pictures which are used for two wallpapers and a screensaver. Superman zombie is set as your screensaver to protect your phone 24/7!

When you unlock your phone on the custom dock background you can find a bloody zombie with a phone in its hand or for sending SMS to your friend you will see a zombie in a message box. All your icons are designed with zombie flesh all over them, or like they are in a zombie’s mouth. The homepage background is presented as wallpaper down which zombie blood is pouring. This is a great ex launcher theme which should be set on your cell phone immediately.


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