Monsters Theme Go Launcher

Download :Monsters Theme Go Launcher

Let’s start the monster party! Download Monsters Theme Go Launcher free app for android and change the main look of your phone!

Monster mania conquered the whole world! Change android theme for a monster custom android theme. Make a monster attack on your phone with monster theme which is one of the best android themes you can find. From now on, your phone will be more interesting and better from any other.

Monsters Theme Go Launcher is here for all the people who love monster toys and games. It consists of two awesome monster wallpapers that will make your home screen and app drawer beautiful. The first one is an image of one-eyed scary monster with wings and space rockets around it. The other one is a beautiful image of space with stars, comets and planets.

All the icons on your screen are specially designed for this theme. If you want to call somebody you will press the icon with a cute monster talking on the phone. To find your contact list press the green monster and enjoy talking to the people you love. To get back to home screen press an image of a spaceship. All the app icons look like they are bitten by a monster or grabbed with its claws.


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